We want to take this opportunity to give you an insight into “The New Normal” at The Cross. As you are aware, we closed our doors back in March in line with Government rules in order to maintain the safety of our customers and guests.

During this time, we have been eager to get back open to provide you with the best quality customer service, food and drinks we are known for.


Please take a moment to read through a summary of our COVID- 19 procedures.

  • We have rearranged our dining rooms to enable social distancing.
  • We ask guests to observe social distancing while at The Cross.
  • We have further increased our already rigorous cleaning schedule to include frequent cleaning of all touchpoints and toilets with COVID effective cleaning products, before, during and after service.
  • COVID effective hand sanitizer is supplied both at your table and around the building – please apply frequently.
  • We have introduced a one-way system where possible with 1 entrance and 1 exit in the event of an emergency please leave by the nearest exit.
  • We have facilities for contactless payment should you wish.
  • Please refrain from visiting The Cross if you show symptoms of COVID 19.
  • Menus and drinks lists are single-use disposables with the option to view them via our QR code should you prefer. Electronic receipts will also be available.
  • Disposable gloves are available for your use should you wish, for making payments etc.
  • All our staff have been trained in our COVID policy and procedures to combat the spread.
  • We have prohibited shaking hands and physical greetings.
  • Our staff are checked daily for visible symptoms of COVID 19.
  • Please leave coats, bags etc in your car or at home where at all possible. We will supply hygienic storage for any other coats.
  • Our bar area will not be in use to enable social distancing.
  • Our bathrooms have been converted to single occupancy.
  • Wine and water will be left on your table for you to pour yourselves.
  • Staff will use a variety of suitable PPE to mitigate risks of infection.


We look forward to welcoming you to The Cross Kenilworth soon!