Reservations are taken up to three months in advance.

Please note: you are booking for a sit down time. You may be restricted to a limit of two hours at busy times: unless otherwise advised.

Opening hours:
Tuesday CLOSED


Lunch Dinner
Wednesday 12PM until 2PM Wednesday 6:30PM until 8PM
Thursday 12PM until 2PM Thursday 6:30PM until 8PM
Friday 12PM until 2PM Friday 6PM until 8PM
Saturday 12PM until 2:30PM Saturday 6PM until 8PM
Sunday 12PM until 3PM Sunday CLOSED


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The reservations office is open Monday – Friday (9 am to 5 pm). Call us on 01926 853840 or email

Saturday & Sunday enquiries are by email only unless you wish to speak to the manager concerning your booking for that day.

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