Our Signature Gin and Tonic List


All our Signature G&T are served with a double measure of gin.


Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin : G & J distillery, Laverstoke Mill, UK. £13.95
With ginger, coriander seeds, black pepper, Mediterranean Tonic Water.
Keepr’s Rasberry & Honey Gin: From Cotswolds, UK £14.95
With Merchant’s Heart Hibiscus Tonic, fresh rasberries & black pepper
Hendrick’s Gin: Girvan Distillery, UK.  £13.95
With cucumber, coriander seed, Fentimans Rose Lemonade.
Tanqueray No. Ten: From Cameronbridge Gin Distillery, UK.  £13.95
With apple, white pepper, grapefruit peel, Mediterranean Tonic Water.
Chase Pink Grapefruit: Chase Distillery, UK £17.95
With grapefruit zest and wedge, Fevertree Indian Tonic Water.
Burleigh’s London Dry Gin: From Burleigh’s, UK.  £13.95
With orange zest, wedge of grapefruit, rosemary, Fevertree Indian Tonic Water.
Burleighs Pink: From Burleigh’s, UK. £13.95
With grapefruit wedge and zest, Fevertree aromatic Tonic Water.
Monkey 47: From Schwarzwald Distillers, Germany.  £14.95
With orange zest, lime, pink pepper, Merchants Heart Infused Tonic.
Eden Mill Golf Gin: From Eden Mill Distillery & Brewery, UK.  £13.95
With lime zest, mint, Fevertree Indian Tonic Water.
Sabatini Gin: From Thames Distillery London, UK.  £13.95
With lemon, lavender, thyme, Fevertree Indian Tonic Water.
Death’s Door Gin: Death’s Door Distillery, USA.  £13.95
With juniper berry, coriander seed, green apple, Fevertree Indian Tonic Water.
Sipsmith: Sipsmith Distillery, UK £12.95
With lime and lime zest, Fevertree Indian Tonic Water.
Chase GB Gin: Chase Distillery, UK £13.95
With green apple, ginger, lemon, Fevertree Mediterranean Tonic Water.
Stratford Gin: Shakespeare Distillery, UK. £13.95
With lemon and rosemary, Fevertree Indian Tonic Water
Pinnocks: Warwickshire, England £13.95
With orange wedge, grapefruit zest, Fevertree Tonic Water
Masons Yorkshire Gin: Masons Distillery, UK £13.95
With lime, blackberry & mint leaves, Fevertree Indian Tonic Water.
Silent Pool Gin: Silent Pool Distillery, UK £14.95
With rosemary, lemon zest, Fevertree Indian Tonic Water
Masons Yorkshire Tea Gin: Masons Distillery, UK £15.95
With lemon, black pepper, Fevertree Indian Tonic Water
Stratford Rhubarb Gin: Shakespeare Distillery, UK £17.95
With lime, ginger, Fevertree Aromatic Tonic Water
Keepr’s Lemon & Pepper: London Dry Gin £14.95
With lemon & black pepper, Fevertree Ginger Ale
Roku: Japanese Gin £18.95
With cucumber, raspberries, Merchants Heart Hibiscus Tonic.