Cocktails Alcohol-Free
Virgin G&T £8.95
Seedlip Garden 108, Cucumber Tonic Water
Berry Smash      £6.95
Pineapple Juice, Bumble Berry Juice, Fresh Lemon, Honey Syrup
Espresso Marti-No £8.95
Double Espresso, Seedlip Spice 94,Sugar Syrup
Virgin Rasberry Mojito         £6.95
Mint, Lime, Brown Suger, Fresh Raspberries, Soda
Shirley Temple £6.95
Granadina syrup, Ginger Ale


     Sparkling Tea Saicho Alcohol-Free 250ml 500ml
Hojicha  £9.00 £18.00
Grown in Shizuoka Prefecture, one of the most popular tea in Japan famous for his toasted aroma
Darjeeling £9.00 £18.00
From Puttabong Estate oldest tea garden in Darjeeling, unique muscatel flavour.
Jasmine £9.00 £18.00
From Fuding in Fujian province, China. Tea blended with jasmine flowers until aroma perfectly balanced


    Alcohol-Free Spirit
Cotswold Green N1 £6.00
Note of juniper, lemon & coriander
Seedlip Spice 94 £6.00
Seedlip Garden 108 £6.00
Seedlip Grove 42 £6.00

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